Servicios de Despachante de Aduana:

  • Tariff classification under NALADI/SA - Mercosur
  • Valuation of goods
  • Contesting or recovery actions of taxes governed by customs laws
  • Promotion and special regulations
  • Customs and/or administrative offences
  • Authorization and operation regulations about Tax Warehouses and Tanks
  • Authorization regulations for consolidation in plant
  • Regulation on Turnkey Plants
  • Replacement of goods under warranty
  • Tax and customs issues. Applicable legislation
  • ALADI - MERCOSUR Agreements and Certificates of Origin
  • Other issues regarding international trade and logistics


Destinations and customs operations of:  

  • Import: Consumption destinations; temporary import destinations (all regulations); temporary import storage
  • Export: Consumption destinations; temporary export destinations; temporary consignment goods; export destinations with adjustable prices
  • Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Shipment of import/export sample goods
  • License for oil and lubricant containers, and other supplies on board
  • Reembarkation
  • Reimport


(SGITC) Management System of Temporary and Consumption Supplies:  

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Online administration and multiuser of temporary and consumption imports through the website
  • Follow-up of balance payments and expiration dates through the website
  • Follow-up of stock for verification at destination
  • Automation to enter proform/export invoices
  • Issuance of reports in Excel to unload supplies
  • Client access to make enquiries